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Scrunchie Purses

Scrunchie Purses are the size of a wallet and expand to hold 30 lbs.

They duel as a purse, shopping bag or backpack. They fit perfect under an airline seat.

They are reversible from a printed pattern to a solid color.

The magic of the Scrunchie Purse is that whatever you put in the purse feel 5x's lighter!

BagP-01     Outside Pink ZebraGold   Inside Harvest Gold
BagP-20 Outside-Pink Garden Inside-Hot pink
BagP-21         Outside     Champagne Floral Inside-Champange Tan
BagP-25  Outside White Gray Fuchsia Swirls Inside Fuchsia
BagP-29 Outside Hydrangeas  Inside Red
BagP-33 Outside Purple wWhite flowers Inside Hot Pink
BagP-40 Outside Black wGold Leafs Inside Tan
BagP-43 Outside Tan wDk Red Flowers Inside Dark Red
BagP-47 Outside Bk wMix Color Flowers Inside Black
BagP-49 Outside WhiteMaroon Flowers Inside Maroon
BagP-50 Outside Turquoise Abstract Inside Turquoise
BagP-52  Outside BK wRed Carnations Inside Solid Black
BagP-53 OutsideHot PinkRed Abstract Inside Lighter Red
BagP-55 BLACK Outside WH wBKGeo Shapes Inside White
BagP-63HP Outside Hot Pink Garden Inside Hot Pink
BagP101  Outside Hot Pink Hawaiian Inside Hot Pink
BagP-109 Outside Black Pastel Floral Inside Black
BagP120 Outside WHGold CheetahInside Solid Golden
BagP121 Outside WHBK Cheetah Inside Solid Gray
BagP122 Outside  Black n White Snowflakes Inside Black
BagP-200 Outside Green Shamrock Inside Green
Bag119 Ouside Tiger Print Inside Chestnut
BagP233 Outside Black wWH Hawaiian Flowers Inside Solid Black
BagP234 Outside BLWHSlate Flowers Inside Slate Blue
BagP236 Outside BK WH Snake Striped Inside Solid Black
BagP-351 Outside Green Pink Roses Inside Pale Green
BagP-228 Outside White Gray Fuchsia Slashes Inside Fuchsia
BagP230 Outside White Pink Blue Abstract Inside Solid Fuchsia
BagP231 Outside Black White Aztec Inside Solid Black
BagP232 Outside Zebra Zig Zag Inside Black
BagP-352 Strawberry Fest Outside Black with Strawberries Inside Black
BagP-136 Outside Pink White Gray Floral Inside Gray (Custom)
BagP14001 Outside WHwBK Swirls Inside Solid Black
BagP9705 Outside Black wWhite Flowers Bottom Inside Black
BagP-9120 OutsideLarge BlackTan Mix InsideTan
BagP-47 Outside Bk wMix Color Flowers Inside Black
BagP-89 Red Hatter Outside Solid Red Inside Solid Purple
BagP-96 Outside  Sage Palm Springs Inside Sage Green